Lotta Agaton Interiors is one of the leading interior design studios in Scandinavia, working with a wide range of both commercial and private clients. The studio was founded in 2004 by Lotta Agaton, and together with a multi-disciplinary team Lotta Agaton Interiors take on commercial styling projects, develop interior concepts for property developments and do interiors for both private residences and commercial spaces. Every project is tailor made to suit the needs of the client.


The studio has more than 20 years of experience working with interiors, including styling, creative direction and consulting for many international brands. With a background as the co-founder of Residence magazine, Agaton also has a deep knowledge of editorial collaborations and the impact of good visual communication.


At the heart of the studio lays a firm belief in long lasting quality – be it in a home, a commercial space or an image – and on the positive side effects a well curated space has on us.